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  • Stephanie Ross
    I wrote an ebay seller and asked if a rushnyk she was selling would work for an ubrus. She confirmed my theory that ruchnyki were worn as ubrusy for centuries
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2006
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      I wrote an ebay seller and asked if a rushnyk she was selling would work
      for an ubrus. She confirmed my theory that ruchnyki were worn as ubrusy for
      centuries and became modern-day table linens when the restriction on
      covered hair were lessened last century. We have been corresponding. She is
      very interested in her native clothing and has educated herself on it,
      which is terrific for me!! I asked about underwear, and this is what she
      had to say:

      "About underwear, as I know from my great grand mother and grand mother
      they had no bra, no bends, just beautifull long embroidered blouses like
      dresses, it was like gawn for night time and underwear for day time, the
      same blouse for night and day. Our grannies called them " Spodne" or "
      Spidne"or "sorochka". All the names are correct. Even my granny always had
      one of her blouse always on her. Those blouses were made by my granny with
      hemp and all the accessories like runners and clothes were made of hemp or
      flax only in Kiev's region. We keep granny's blouses and runners as a
      memory. All the woman had underwear made of hemp or flax also. This
      underwear was like man's "sharovari" (pants) but they were twice shorter,
      little bit shorter knee lenth, this underwear was furled at the bottom, and
      tied with strings on the weist and little bit higher than knees. Every
      woman had this type of underwear. Women even had their ancient make up,
      they rubbed the juice of red beets in their cheecks and lips and they hit
      the metal nails on the fire and curled the paces of their hair. They put
      ash from the fire on the hair to make the hair black if the hair was grey
      or light because the woman that has black hair was considered to be
      beautiful. This is what my late granny told to me."

      Here is her email on rushnyki:

      "Stephanie,about ubrus, yes, this towel will be perfect for wearing on the
      head. It'll look very nice, as ubruses that our ancestors had many
      centuries ago. Usually the lenth of the ubrus was about 2 metres, so this
      towel would be perfect for wearing as an ubrus. About plahtka? do you mean
      an old style skirt??? It modern language it means blanket. You impress me
      with your knowledge of very ancient Slavic words: Ukrainian and Russian,
      Polish, Slovenian, Czech words. If you ask any modern Ukrainian or Russian
      person about meaning of words: ubrus or plahtka , so 100 % of 100% people
      will not know the meaning of those words. We don't use them in our language
      any more. Slavik people used them many centuries ago during the times of
      Kiev's Rus."

      I invited her to join the list, sent her links to Predslava's pages, and
      asked about sarafans and woodburning tools. I will let you know any info I
      get, and feel free to ask me questions to pass along.


      "It is not those who vote who have the power. The power belongs to those
      who count the votes." - Josef Stalin
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