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Re: Book of Veles?

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  • Robert J Welenc
    ... sharing ... moment, I have ... which is ... take it ... post bits ... would have ... Post it, please, and we ll have fun dissecting it! (Not to mention
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 1999
      Ksenia writes:
      >I'm really keen on this list, because I'm really interested in
      >resources, whether they be literary or experiential. At the
      moment, I have
      >a person summarizing the main points of the "Book of Veles" to me,
      which is
      >the legendary history of the russians starting in 3000 BC. I cna't
      take it
      >as literally true, but it has some interesting concepts. I could
      post bits
      >here, but I think the average American who doesn't speak Russian
      would have
      >problems understanding the English. Sometimes *I* have trouble
      >understanding exactly what he means!
      >Until next time,

      Post it, please, and we'll have fun dissecting it! (Not to mention
      that I may swipe bits for my next book...)

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