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    Slavic Interest Group Mailing List (SIG-L) Frequently Asked Questions Last update: September 10, 1999 Main SIG page
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 1999
      Slavic Interest Group Mailing List (SIG-L) Frequently Asked Questions
      Last update: September 10, 1999

      Main SIG page

      Main SIG-L pages:

      SIG Archives
      http://sig-arc.hypermart.net/ (older)

      SIG organizer
      Paul Wickenden of Thanet (goldschp@...)

      SIG-L moderators
      Default (sig-owner@onelist.com)
      Yana (jdmiller2@...)
      Liudmila (LiudmilaV@...)

      To post a message: sig@onelist.com
      To subscribe: sig-subscribe@onelist.com
      To unsubscribe: sig-unsubscribe@onelist.com

      List Basics

      ** What is sig@onelist.com?
      The SIG List (hereafter called "SIG-L") provides a discussion forum on the history and culture of the Medieval Slavic, Eastern European, and Central European world. We are aimed specifically towards members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) with Slavic, Eastern European, and Central European personas, but we provide information and resources to anyone.

      ** Are SIG-L and the Slavic Interest Group the same organization?
      No. SIG-L is an offshoot of the larger and older Slavic Interest Group (hereafter called "SIG"). SIG-L was established as a way for members of SIG to talk to each other more quickly than via the quarterly newsletter. Please remember that not all the members of SIG are on SIG-L and vice versa. This means that if you are a member of SIG-L, it does not automatically make you a member of SIG. To become a member of SIG, write to the SIG organizer at goldschp@... or go to http://www.uwplatt.edu/~goldschp/slavic.html and follow the links there. Membership is free. We just ask that you be willing to share what you know with the rest of us.

      ** What cultures does SIG-L cover?
      SIG-L (and SIG) covers all the former members of the Soviet Union (just for convenience, no political agenda is implied). We encompass the medieval cultures of Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Transylvania, Latvia, Lithuania, Karelia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Dalmatia, Albania, Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kirgizistan, Kazakhstan, Turkestan, Khazaria, and any related ethnic groups.. We aren't _just_ a Slavic organization, it is just simpler to call ourselves "SIG" instead of trying to incorporate the initials of all the countries and groups we cover.

      ** You mentioned a newsletter...
      SIG publishes "Slovo", our quarterly newsletter. "Slovo" means "word" in many Slavic languages, so we thought it would be a good name for the newsletter. It comes out in the middle of the months of January, April, July and October. The submission deadlines are the first of those same months. Slovo is available free on the web off the main SIG page. Back issues are also archived there. If you need a paper copy, write to the editor at goldschp@.... Paper copies are also free, but donations are cheerfully accepted to cover copying and mailing costs.

      ** Does SIG-L have archives?
      Yes, in two places. The older archives can be viewed at
      http://sig-arc.hypermart.net/ The more recent archives are at http://www.onelist.com/archive/sig

      ** What can I talk about here on SIG-L?
      Anything relating to (approximately) pre-1650 Slavic or Eastern or Central European history and culture or anything Slavic, Eastern European or Central European as it pertains to the SCA is welcome here.

      ** What is not permitted on the list?
      a) Personal Flamewars
      b) Ethnic and Regional insults. This is not acceptable here.
      c) UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Commercial posts are welcome as long as they are not frequent in nature, you send a copy to one of the list moderators before you post AND you are given permission by one of the moderators.

      ** What are the basic commands for this list?
      SIG-L is based off ONEList, a web-based provider. Through ONEList (http://www.onelist.com) you can subscribe, unsubscribe and otherwise manage your account. Simply enter your email address and the password you were given when you subscribed and follow the directions there. If you are not yet a member, follow the directions given there to sign up for an account.

      ** What if I don't have web-access or don't want to use a web-provider?
      Not a problem, you can still manage your subscription easily. Send a blank email (no message or subject) to the appropriate address below:

      sig-subscribe@onelist.com - subscribe to SIG
      sig-unsubscribe@onelist.com - unsubscribe from SIG
      sig-digest@onelist.com - switch your subscription to digest mode
      sig-normal@onelist.com - switch your subscription to normal mode

      Be sure to reply to any message that ONEList sends you about your account (and save your password!). If you don't reply, ONEList may think you didn't want to really subscribe/unsubscribe/change your settings. This is a safety precaution done to prevent subscribers from being the victims of pranksters.

      **I'm on the digest. How do I reply to separate messages?
      To reply to a message found on the digest, 'cut' the contents of the message that you wish to quote, 'paste' it in a message to sig@onelist.com, and add your comments. Make sure you do NOT reply directly to the From: field on the digest! If this becomes a habit, then you will be put on a moderated status and misdirected replies will be silently deleted.

      ~~~ For courtesy's sake, please clip your posts! This means only quoting what is relevant to your own post and not including the entire letter unless absolutely necessary (which is extremely rare). It gets very annoying very quickly to have to page down through an entire letter (or more!) that someone has stuck on the end of their reply. ~~~


      ** Can you recommend some books for different eras and peoples?
      There is an extensive bibliography (with notes) on the web at the main SIG page You can also write to the list and ask for recommendations or reviews of specific books, but it is a lot faster if you look at the SIG bibliography first.

      ** Where can I find help developing my persona?
      You are in luck! There are several web pages that members of SIG-L have created. We call them Knowledge Pages. They are aimed towards a specific country and include information on dress, food, naming practices, persona development, history, language and other themes. Simply find the Knowledge Page you wish and read, read, read!

      **What are "the Knowledge Pages?"
      They are a series of country-based web pages that are organized using similar subject categories to aid research. Here you can find information on a wide variety of subjects such as food, dress, persona development, history and much more. Here are the Knowledge Pages we have so far:






      (For now, this includes Ukraine, as well as ethnic groups residing in the modern day Russian Federation)


      Knowledge Pages in the works:
      --The Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia)

      ** Where can I find someone near me?
      Feel free to ask on SIG-L! This is also where becoming a member of SIG comes in handy. SIG maintains a member list that lists name, location, interests and contact information. You can simply scan the list and contact whoever you choose. It is linked off the main SIG page under "members".

      ** Are there recipes for my culture? Where would I find them?
      ** Where can I get ideas for clothing from my culture?
      ** What about music and art?

      To all the above: First, check out the appropriate Knowledge Page for the culture in question. You might also want to check out the Florilegium, a major collection of messages arranged by subject headings. The Florilegium is at http://lg_photo.home.texas.net/florilegium/index.html
      If you can't find answers there, try writing to the List.

      We hope this FAQ has been helpful. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please let us know.

      Happy Researching!
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