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Re: [sig] Shopping resources? & Russian Tales Question

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  • Susan Koziel
    My appologies in advance for putting two posts into one but I ve been having email issues... From: songseeress ... There is an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2006
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      My appologies in advance for putting two posts into one but I've been
      having email issues...

      From: "songseeress" <songseeress@...>


      >Does anyone know where I might find period garb that would be
      >appropriate for a married lady of Kyiv (or Ukraine in general)? Or, at
      >the very least, if I have to sew the basics, good resources for the
      >embellishments (embroidery, beads, etc. in appropriate patterns I
      >could stick on)?
      There is an interesting book in Ukrainian if you read Ukrainian
      "Historical Ukrainian Costume"
      I've mentioned it on this list before - and posted some colour plates to
      the file area of the Yahoo groups site.
      Someone on the list wanted more info on one of the colour plates (I
      don't recall who - Ludmilla perhaps?)
      Again I have a delay on getting it translated (my local translator is
      insanely busy) - grumble. So just in case anyone reads Ukrainian I've
      posted a portion of the one chapter that seems to be about costume that
      falls into the SCA time frame.
      There are a bunch of black and white drawings in these pages - so even
      if you don't read Ukrainian looking at them will give you ideas.

      From: "Justin" <jm_griffing@...>

      >Could anyone direct me to a good source, online or print, of
      >documentable Russian folk and fairy tales? I am in the process of
      >trying to build my repertoire and would prefer to stick to period
      >tales. I have a book of traditional Russian fairy tales, but none of
      >them are documented.
      "Medieval Russia's epics, chronicles, and tales." Edited by Serge A.
      Zenkosky, publisher: E.P. Dutton, 1963 (2nd ed. 1974), 526pgs

      This will give you a base to work up stories from. They aren't directly
      tellable since they are written as literature or taken from chronicles -
      so you have to alter them. If you've been reading a lot of the Russian
      folk tales you'll quickly be able to pull out the "period" bits that are
      in the folk tales and go from there.

      I also found a new book called "Down Singing Centuries - Folk Literature
      Of The Ukraine" Translated by Florence Randal Livesay, Compiled and
      Edited by Louisa Loeb, Publisher: Hyperion Press Limited, 198, 204 pgs.
      I haven't been able to take a good look at this yet (I found it over
      Xmas and have been to busy since to read non-school stuff) - I suspect
      that most of what's in it is 1800, and 1900's stuff - but you never know
      the sort of gems you find.

      There are also a lot of Ukrainian or Russian twists on Aesop's fables
      and other tales that can be tracked to period (The tales, not the
      cultural changes can be tracked). If you need (or want) more books that
      deal with Russian or Ukrainian tales (non-period) I have a huge
      collection and can post all of them. Or if you need titles of books of
      period tales in general I also have a collection that I can post.
      Here is a good place to look up info on common tales

      I also have notes on how to make a case for a common folk-tale as a
      period story. Doing this can be a technical research exercise - fun for
      those of use who like research; but can take away from the story if you
      don't like that sort of thing. I can post those notes as well - for
      those who are curious.
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