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I know it's a few days early ,,, Christos Rhosdietstya!

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  • John Kowal
    Here is a holiday greetings that I sent out to some friends in the form of a persona story. I hope you enjoy it as the great day approaches. AVL The hills
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2006
      Here is a holiday greetings that I sent out to some friends in the form
      of a persona story. I hope you enjoy it as the great day approaches.

      The hills sparkle with fresh snowfall. The night sky is crystal clear
      the star are shining brightly. There is a very gentle breeze that
      the landscape and the great manor.

      Outside Singers old and young have gathered together into the courtyard
      the noble's manor and now stand assembled before the great oaken doors.
      bear bardyky(axes with bells attached) and have approached singing and
      dancing( with small hopping movements).

      Andrei tugs on his older brother's sleeve impatiently, "Boris?", he

      Boris looks down rather sternly, takes a deep breath remembering the
      solemnity of the day and softens his gaze, "Andrei Sviatoslavich be
      all things come to those who wait." He smiles and ruffles the young boys
      hair. "Now pay attention..."

      The bereza (leader) of the singers bearing a birch-wood cross comes to
      the fore
      and all dancing and singing stops. As one the entire vataha (group) bows
      three times before the doors. The bereza leads the song with the whole
      vataha joining in singing the refrain, "Oi dai Bozhe (Oh, God Grant
      all the while ringing their bells and stamping their feet.

      The bolts are lifted and the oaken doors swing open, the head of the
      household, The Master invites them into main hall. A strand of flax is
      wound around
      the birch before it enters the household. Thus we commemorate our
      on this holy day.

      "Christos Rhosdietstya!(Christ is Born) Come in! Come in! Warm
      take your ease at the table and join us for some warm cider and
      pampushki (treats).", the Master invites joyfully.

      "Slavietoyoho!(Salutations)", they robustly respond and shuffle into the
      hall. Servants take cloaks and wraps away and they join the assembled
      and guests. One by one each guest of the hall is approached by members
      the vataha and asked their preference. In turn a carol or a dance is
      performed until each in the hall has been thus served. Meanwhile the
      are served as much food and drink as they will.

      Andrei's eyes are wide open taking in the grand hall before him, the
      hearths, fresh straw placed beneath the tables on which 12 traditional
      dishes are arrayed. He sees the place of honour with the didkh and
      glittering golden holy icon of the Holy Mother and Baby ... it's beauty
      takes his breath away. He watches with pride as his brother Boris sings,
      "Boh Prevechni", his favorite carol. In turn he joins two other young
      and three young girls in a partnered folk dance.

      The Master of the House rises and calls the dancers forth, he gives
      each a glass bead of
      intricate design as showing his special pleasure with their performance.
      "Well done Andrei!", Boris replies when they rejoin the vahata. Andrei
      smiling widley and can't wait to tell Mama and Dadu when he gets home.

      With all cheered in the hall by good song and dance the vataha rise and
      gather at the end of the hall. The bereza steps forward and they all
      "May God Watch and Grant Good Health Unto This House the Year Round!"

      The Master if the House rises and brings forth the koliada (the
      traditional gift for the choral
      group), "And May He Be With You and Yours".

      The vataha all begin to dance and sing and moving outside they form a
      around the Master of the House, who accompanied with his own fiddler,
      a final round that leads to the bereza with cross leading the spiraling
      vataha out of the courtyard and on down the road to the next manor.

      Standing at the gates gazing out on the hills and manors beyond the
      Master of the House sends
      his own quiet salutation out to - Castel Rouge, Carraig Ban, Households
      Friends, Northshield and lands beyond ... "Christos

      The Master signals for the gates to be closed. He returns to his guests
      in the main
      hall with happy musings on what the new year will bring.

      Translated from Old Church Salvonic this January.
      Master Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev,"elf-counsel" "truth-speaker"
      Barony of Castel Rouge
      Region of the Plains
      Kingdom of Northshield
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