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Re: FW: [MR] From the Seneschal of Meridies

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  • Nancy Douglas
    ... met today ... working on ... account, ... to come. ... however ... Today I did like the Channel Four news said and called 311 for more information on
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 5, 2005
      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, "Mikhail Nikolaev" <mikhail@a...> wrote:
      > I'm in Meridies and the Barony of the South Downs in Atlanta. We
      met today
      > to begin planning an SCA Relief, what I'll call, war plan. We're
      working on
      > a website to coordinate donations of both money (to a special bank
      > not to any single person) as well as donations of clothes, etc.
      > Her Majesty of Meridies is coordinating this task. So expect more
      to come.
      > We do know the Crown Prince and Princess of Glean Abhann are safe
      > the reports are that they have lost their home.
      > There is also a website, SCAdisaster.org in the works.
      Today I did like the Channel Four news said and called 311 for more
      information on providing housing. They recommended another website,
      www.katrinahousing.org. I was told to register and I will hear from
      someone in the next few days to verify my offer. See information on
      it down below.

      I also registered with
      www.HurricaneHousing.org A project of www.MoveOn.org


      We just moved into a nice neighborhood near a school. One block from
      a middle school and four blocks from an elementary school. I have
      been an impoverished single parent most of my adult life, so I
      understand. I am about to get married, so two couples or one family
      with grade school aged children would be best. We can take an extra
      cat or dog or two. The large house has two spare bedrooms, each with
      a queen size bed. We also have a single bed on the cat porch. Our
      cats have a porch to go into, and a backyard to wander around. There
      is also a dog in a dog run. Smoking on the cat porch or outside. We
      don't make enough to feed you for a long term, but I can put you in
      touch with temporary agencies for work and helping agencies like food
      Pets OK: YES Smoking OK: YES Handicapped accessible: no Near
      public transit: YES
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