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Re: [sig] Russian jewelry book

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  • Susan Koziel
    Thanks. ... -Kataryna (who still owes costume book scans... doh!)
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 28, 2005
      -Kataryna (who still owes costume book scans... doh!)

      --- quokkaqueen <quokkaqueen@...> wrote:

      > Hi guys,
      > I went to the library, picked up the book, went to
      > the counter and realised
      > I'd left my library card at home.
      > I did manage to photocopy the cover, title and
      > contents pages of
      > IUvelirnye izdeliia drevnego Novgoroda : X-XV vv.
      > and will scan them in
      > when I can get near a scanner so that people can
      > give me a better idea of
      > what pages of the book to scan in (it's full of
      > drawings and photos of
      > jewellery, very drool-worthy)
      > I also discovered a book called "Tadzhikskie
      > iuvelirnye ukrasheniia :
      > (materialy k istoriko-kul'turnomu raionirovaniiu)"
      > by L.A. Chvyr' and am
      > happy to scan in the contents page of that too.
      > I do apologise that I can't read a word of Russian
      > so I'm really not much
      > help when it comes to knowing what to scan in.
      > Asfridhr
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