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9735Re: [sig] Alexy's post about Lithuanian Hoods

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin aka Posadnik
    Mar 3, 2005
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      > I am also interested in more information on this. Alexy, if you don't post to the whole list, please send also me
      Sorry, I am kinda competent in Volga-Dnieper region, a bit acquainted with the Siberian Steppe wear, but I am no knowledge source about Lithuania. Baltia was far beyond my area of interest which was Volga-Don steppes. All I have at hand is a brief conspect a monography on of Baltian war gear of VI-VIII centuries AD, and some articles in Rodina magazine about Lithuanian history (Dmitry, if you read this, - I am awfully sorry, but I have just re-requested your postal address from Pavel Popov, after my whole database went down a year ago, see Pavel too seldom to ask for one earlier. But your Rodinas are atill ready to be posted to you).

      details at my email. I came across some Polish prints either from Racinet or Braun and Schneider, both of which are regarded as less than accurate, with a hooded type head covering.

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