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  • Lente
    Mar 2, 2005
      don't know why but this just reminded me that I saw a book on _Ukraine
      Embroidery_ that has a bunch of pictures of the more modern folk dress, I
      don't remember if it goes into how the folk dress developed or not but had
      some wonderful designs and in the last chapter or so it had instructions for
      making a shirt with embroidery. since it is spesicfally on the Ukraine
      embroidery it may be better than the general folk costumes books. Another
      book to maybe look for is called _Costumes of the East_ has a bit of text on
      the balkans, casasus and ukraines region, some line drawings and possibly
      some pictures.


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      > --- Alexey Kiyaikin aka Posadnik <Posadnik@...>
      > wrote:
      >> Well.... First, Ukraine was never my specific
      >> interest. All I have is the well-known book on
      >> costume of Eastern Europe peoples (Moscow, 198* -
      >> can't remember the exact title being at work, here
      >> it is often mentioned as a source reliable but
      >> rather generalized), there is a chapter about
      >> Ukraine.
      > I just thought I'd ask.
      > :)
      > If you manage to dig up the title one of these days
      > that would be great.
      >> Second, Ukraine, being a Lietuvan-Polish province
      >> inlate period, had borrowed much from the Polish
      >> costume. Thus, speaking of wealthy people's costume,
      >> I'd suggest it could include up to 3/4 of imported
      >> items - as status symbols, especially in late
      >> period.
      > Yes, I realize that but because the area tended to be
      > such a mix of cultures I'd kind of like to see how
      > they put the pieces together - and find some primary
      > sources from the area as back up.
      > Anyhow thanks for the info on the webpage, when I get
      > the real book I'll see what I can do about getting a
      > translation & report how it is as a source.
      > ;)
      > -Kataryna
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