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  • Rick Orli
    Mar 2, 2005
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      Actually, I would put this argument on its head, at least
      partially. Polish-Lithuanian fashionable costume, at least for men,
      in the 15th-16th C seems to have originated from Eastern inflences -
      tatar, turk and also perhaps ukranian. Specifically, my belief is
      that the Lituanian rulers in the Ukraine area picked up the common
      local military fashions as their own, which because common
      throughout the grand duchy. Then, later, the Poles picked it up from
      the Lithuanians.

      Generations later it might work more as you say, with the Ukranians
      following the Polish Commonwealth fashions (that were variants of
      what was once a Ukraninan fashion). However, they would not have
      been seen as alien imports, I do not think. Also, if we try to
      speculate where the 17th C. kontuz fashion came from, a good guess
      is that it came from fresh influences again from the east, perhaps
      tatar, and via people who were either Ukranian or serving there.

      Warning, there is a lot of guesswork in my assertions above! Just
      my best guess on how things might have gone (but at least I can
      assure you that I am not a Ukranian nationalism booster.)

      > > Second, Ukraine, being a Lietuvan-Polish province
      > > inlate period, had borrowed much from the Polish
      > > costume. Thus, speaking of wealthy people's costume,
      > > I'd suggest it could include up to 3/4 of imported
      > > items - as status symbols, especially in late
      > > period.
      > Yes, I realize that but because the area tended to be
      > such a mix of cultures I'd kind of like to see how
      > they put the pieces together - and find some primary
      > sources from the area as back up.
      > Anyhow thanks for the info on the webpage, when I get
      > the real book I'll see what I can do about getting a
      > translation & report how it is as a source.
      > ;)
      > -Kataryna
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