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9727Re[4]: [sig] Ukraine Costuming page

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin aka Posadnik
    Mar 2, 2005
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      > Not really a suprize, I don't think the text is
      > directly from the book... mostly because the pictures
      > are cut apart and placed differently then how they
      > were actually placed in the text I had copies from.
      Actually, the first half of the text has the garb pics where that garb is mentioned. Then there are pics of garb not mentioned at all. Say, I didn't find out why the second (third, if we start the count from the women's boots at the very top) picture of high boots was placed where it was placed (opposite the passage saying about textiles).

      > Alexey, do you know of any other books on Ukrainian
      > specific costume for women that would cover... the
      > period of late 1400's to mid 1500's. IIRC this was
      > when the Ukrainian Cossacks were just starting to show
      > up.
      > I have a few Ukrainian specific costuming books, but
      > they are pretty generalized (and cover the 900-1100 in
      > a bit more focused way then they do the later years
      > which they sort of just stick all together.)
      Well.... First, Ukraine was never my specific interest. All I have is the well-known book on costume of Eastern Europe peoples (Moscow, 198* - can't remember the exact title being at work, here it is often mentioned as a source reliable but rather generalized), there is a chapter about Ukraine.
      Second, Ukraine, being a Lietuvan-Polish province inlate period, had borrowed much from the Polish costume. Thus, speaking of wealthy people's costume, I'd suggest it could include up to 3/4 of imported items - as status symbols, especially in late period.

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