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9722Re: Re[2]: [sig] Ukraine Costuming page

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  • Jenna Mitelman
    Mar 1 12:03 PM
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      Looking at the text more closely, I would have to agree with Alexei
      that it's not a great resource if you're looking for a reliable source
      on pre-1600 clothing.
      It's more of a general view of Cossack clothing, beginning at the very
      end of our period of interest, and going on for a couple of centuries
      after, which makes makes it not reliable for specifics if you want to
      say that "I say this here, so it must be *period* for me".
      I would say it is rather useful if you want to get a general "feel"
      for the look common in the area, and know nothing about it. But you
      have to keep in mind the limitations of a text like this for producing
      something "accurate" to a given time period. You would be fairly
      likely to get something that is an 18th century variation on garments
      that existed in your desired time frame, and this text wouldn't really
      tell you the difference.
      But for a very generalized look at the area and its general feel,
      which I think can be useful for some people, it's decent.

      This is entirely my opinion, so you're welcome to disregard it
      entirely if you so choose, but you've been warned that there are
      reservations about this text as an accurate timely source.

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