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9719Re[2]: [sig] Ukraine Costuming page

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin aka Posadnik
    Mar 1, 2005
      > Just thought I'd share
      > http://sweetukraine.narod.ru/odyag/odyag1.html

      > Thank you for your post. I am very interested in creating some Ukrainian
      > garb and an appropriate persona to go with the garb, so this is right up my
      > alley. Do you have a date for these pictures? Now I wish that I kept my
      > daughter in Ukrainian school so she could translate for me.
      They are not dated. It is a general, toooooooooo general review of "Zaporozhie Kossacks Costume of 14-18 centuries". I do not like it. It dores not say what was where, why, or at least, when. Instead, it says "they wore ..., ..., ... . This and this had different variant patterns depending on the region (no naming what teh differences were)". 5\7 of tehg text is city and countryside wear of Ukraine. The rest is the story of what Cossacks looked like. I appreciated the piece where the author pretended to depict the general look, costume and hairdressing of the Cossacks, speaking ONLY of the hairdressing. The most strange notion is that (after extensive review of Ukrainian costume) the Cossacks had two outfits - the working/battle one, called Podly Odyag (low outfit), again no description, and the holiday outfit, consisting of most posh garb, "mainly trophies". Thus, nothing about the Cossacks, the story says about Ukraine traditional wear and about SOME Cossack features.

      The weakest pouint (but - sorry, I am again stepping on Today's minefield) is that the text pretends to review Ukraine's own dress but the pics show mostly Polish wear (no wonder - remembering who ruled Ukraine in the period mentioned, especially when Lietuva and Poland united), as it was a lower status symbol for those times. The autrhor should have mentioned at least _why_ polish look was considered in-status for Ukraine - but it does vice versa, pretending all that Ukrainians had and wore those centuries, was their original development. How typical of young states... :-(((
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