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  • jennamitelman
    Nov 16, 2004
      Privet, Katya!

      Welcome to the Society!

      As a Russian speaker, you might have an easier time getting ahold of
      some of the books on the list - and many others that are not on the
      list, because they're not even available in English - if you look
      for them in the original Russian.

      I definitely recommend searching the web for the titles of books
      you're interested in, and running the search in Russian - this works
      great on Google. Because many of the books are either not copyright
      protected anymore, or just nobody cares, they are often posted
      online with their entire text. So try running a search, and check
      Russian search engines, too - Yandex.ru, etc. This will let you find
      many of the books, and if you run a search on information in
      general, you'll find many other books, as well.

      In addition, try websites and other sources, that sell Russian
      books - either kniga.com or ozon.ru are 2 good ones, and have worked
      for me in the past. You can often get the books in Russian
      relatively cheaply, since they're not exactly in high demand, but
      all sorts of stuff got printed in Russia over the years.

      If you still have contacts back in Russia, you could have them look
      for things for you there, too - it's sometimes cheaper and easier to
      ship copies of things than get them here, or they could look up
      information for you, and simply tell you what you want to know.

      As a native Russian speaker myself, I've found these to be the
      easiest methods of getting information on questions relating to

      Feel free to contact me if you'd like any more help searching for
      Russian sources!


      ~Aryenne / Zhenya

      Aryenne bat David Halevi de Troyes (mka Jenna Mitelman)
      Barony of Nordskogen, Kingdom of Northshield
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