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    Nov 14, 2004
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      Welcome Katya,

      Well, you can always try Inter-Library Loan (ILL for short), at my local
      libray it runs about $2 or so to have them run the process through.
      Otherwise do you have a unviersity or college near? You might be able to get
      a library card to their library (I think my local university charges $35 to
      get a library card) and get books that the public libraries doesn't carry.
      If your local group has a e group list you can always ask and see if anyone
      has some of the books you want to look at and see about viewing the books at
      their place. I have found it better to be able to look at a book before
      deciding that I need that one on my own shelves.

      9th centruy Magyar persona
      Barony of al-Barran
      Kingdom of the Outlands

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      > Greetings all,
      > My name is Ekaterina (Katya for short), I've just joined the list. I'm new
      > to the SCA, too. Only been to one event so far... I'm so new I haven't
      > even
      > decided on a name yet! To complicate the matters, I'm fairly new to the
      > USA,
      > too (came over from Russia several years ago), so please don't be
      > surprised
      > if some of the questions I ask will sound a little strange.
      > I live in the Middle Kingdom, in the Marche of Alderford (in other words,
      > in
      > North-East Ohio). Nice area, but not many Russians around :-(. Anyhow...
      > My
      > persona, though nameless at the moment, is definitely Russian (I thought
      > the
      > accent would sound particularly authentic ;-)). I'm thinking 13th century.
      > There was a moment during the Mongol invasions when my native town,
      > protected by thick woods, was spared, while all its neighbors were
      > destroyed. Survivors fled to Bryansk, making it the most powerful city in
      > the region. So I thought that would be a cool time to live in.
      > Geographically, Bryansk region is south-west from Moscow, right where the
      > borders of Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine meet. So, I guess, 12-13th
      > centuries in this region would be my special interest.
      > I don't have a single piece of garb yet, so I'm trying to figure out what
      > to
      > make and how to make it. I found the extensive bibliography on the SIG
      > website. But how do people actually get hold of these books? They don't
      > look
      > like something one would find in a local branch of a county library...
      > Wishing everybody a nice day,
      > Katya
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