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8998Re: [sig] Re: Irena Turnau, rather Bartkiewicz

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  • Tim Nalley
    Jul 9, 2004
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      You're the Whip! I always wanted to read the other
      works of Turnau and Bartkiewicz, well, looking at her
      book was impressive but I wonder how much Soviet era
      academic/political priorities have influenced both
      works, and thier validity as historical secondary
      docs. Got any ideas on that?

      --- Rick Orli <orlirva@...> wrote:
      > I tried to contact (without luck) the copyright
      > owner ( the old
      > soviet era publishing house) to see if I could get
      > their support and
      > permission to publish the full book translation (at
      > this point I
      > only have the 17th C. chapters finished, about a
      > third of the
      > book ). The author Magdalena Bartkiewicz is still a
      > working
      > professor at the university of Warclaw and I did
      > talk to her, she
      > supports the project. I should try again. I
      > suppose I could put it
      > out on the web as an 'unauthorized translation' but
      > I thought it
      > would be good to have a paper product with
      > illustrations, that
      > libraries could have on their shelves, etc.
      > I also just finished a translation of POLSKIE UBIORY
      > WOJSKOWE z XVI
      > i XVII w. ) By ZOFIA STEFA�SKA (polish military
      > dress)- it is being
      > proofed. That will be posted.
      > -Rick
      > --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, "ssaucer@j..."
      > <ssaucer@j...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Turnau seems to be about the only author that
      > deals with Polish
      > costume in the English language.
      > > Are there others?
      > > Is your translation of Polski Ubior do 1864 Roku
      > available
      > commercially?
      > > Ilijana Krakowska
      > >
      > > <From: "Rick Orli" <orlirva@y...>
      > > <When I translated the somewhat academic Polski
      > Ubior do 1864 Roku
      > > <(Polish costume) [snip] A resource I did not have
      > but wish I did
      > was <Turnau's Polish dictionary of historic costume
      > terminology
      > > <(Turnau, Irena) It is in polish but I expect that
      > the early
      > <terminology would be very similiar in both
      > languages. Your
      > <translators might find it useful. -Rick

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