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8759tracing the path of a wandering ancestor...

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  • Tracy Kremer
    Apr 26, 2004
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      I have recently realized a dilemma. My ancestor whose
      name I'm trying to research is Russian, and the
      spelling we have must be the Polish spelling, since it
      is not in cyrillic, and follows the rules the poles
      use in their pronunciations. And he lived in the
      Ukraine. And the folks who mailed out mail to my
      grandfather who immigrated to here in america, did so
      by having others write the letters, in german, polish,
      Russian, maybe other languages, and sent them out
      through cities from Moscow to someplace in Austria.

      (even though we have a return address, it is the name
      of a city, Lviv [with four different spellings thru
      history], and they lived on a farm.... in the district
      of Lviv!]

      The only places I've actually _found_ the name so far
      is in American Coal-mining towns in Pennsylvania....
      on the gravestones..... and american census results,
      sadly curtailed.

      So my dilemma is, how do I proceed? If I ever have
      enough money to pay someone for this, is there any way
      I could contact some reputable, educated personages in
      Russia capable of doing the research?

      Probably nobody here can help with this, but I begin
      to see the irony/humor of this situation, and thought
      I'd share it....
      This is what one gets, with "itchy feet", the
      wandering habit; and I've inherited the tendency, too!



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