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  • queensno2000
    Apr 26, 2004
      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, Kresimir Zeravica <tonicwgin@y...> wrote:
      > Do you speak Croatian?
      No, saddly I don't. And I haven't looked into and area teacher. I
      think it limits me. I have picked thru every web site I can get my
      hands on. Some of them have an English translator. The ones that
      don't I pick though all the picture.

      cause if you did I could give
      > you the web sites that I have found so far about
      > croatian history and such...not great all and all but
      > ok and free :)
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > Hmmm Senj and Venice.
      > Well, Venice had many a claim on Dalmatian grounds but
      > they havenet had much control over Senj especially in
      > the late period (1500 onwards). The reason for that
      > were the "Senjski Uskoci" or the way the Venetians
      > called them "Scocchi". Literally translated it means
      > the ones that jump in and out which was quite fitting.

      I did fiond this our after I picked my name. I did happen to get a
      hold of "The Uskiks of Senji" By Bracewell and "History if Dalmatia"
      by Parga. They helped alot. Thanks to inter-library loans. I burn a
      copy for my own use. But It's been a little while since I read them.
      I'll need to read them again.

      "Scocchi"? Know there is something I didn't know. Ok, got to write
      that in my research file. Thank you. Anytime you have more to share
      is fine with me.

      > If you need something just ask and I will try to dig
      > it out for you :) since it is so cool to find someone
      > intersted in the same things like this.
      Oh my, I think this is so cool, I wanted to pick a subject that not
      many people had selected. Boy, I didn't realize it was going to be
      such a maze. But I'm up for it ! It's nice to fine someone who shares
      my Passion.

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