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  • Kresimir Zeravica
    Apr 23, 2004
      Do you speak Croatian? cause if you did I could give
      you the web sites that I have found so far about
      croatian history and such...not great all and all but
      ok and free :)
      Hmmm Senj and Venice.
      Well, Venice had many a claim on Dalmatian grounds but
      they havenet had much control over Senj especially in
      the late period (1500 onwards). The reason for that
      were the "Senjski Uskoci" or the way the Venetians
      called them "Scocchi". Literally translated it means
      the ones that jump in and out which was quite fitting.

      They were officially loyal to the Haubsburg of Austria
      payed for garrisoning a few forts around Senj, they
      wore the Haupsburg two headed eagle on their banners,
      but they were in fact loyal to themselves alone.
      Pirates one and all, they sailed the Adriatic all the
      while fighting Turks and Venetians alike. They looted
      from anyone else they encountered as well, but those
      were just targets of opportunity.

      One account was given from a Venetian author in the
      1550 more less...it said that the "Scocchi" were
      unbelievable in anything they did...they would
      assemble a few ships and when they left their homes
      all they had was the clothes on their back, a light
      blankit, about as much food as they would need for
      tomorrow as they would hunt or loot for more than
      that, well all that and a few trusty and well used
      weapons of course. When they were kissing their wives
      goodbye they didnt know how long they would be staying
      out. It could be for two days or 6 months at a time.

      They were silent, deadly, lightning fast and cunning
      like a bunch of foxes. They had spies in every fleet
      that entered the Adriatic and contacts in most cities
      on the coast. They sailed in fleets of small boats
      that had no sails and housed about 10-15 men per boat,
      the larger vassels were big enough for about 20-25 men
      but were used as provision and loot transporters
      mostly. They died their fleets red and black and wore
      the same colors on their garb (uniform really). The
      colors stood for death and blood. They would usually
      sail when no captain worth his own wouldn't dare to,
      such as during storms, in the dead of night and so on.
      They would just appear out of nowhere jumping over the
      ship sides killing and looting and then dissapeared
      into the night in an a mere instant. They drove the
      Venetians absolutely crazy.

      It is intersting to see how infamous they were at the
      time especially once you realize that there were never
      more than 400-500 fighting Uskok's at any one time.
      Well so much about that for now...I'll talk to you
      later about one instant that talks about how the
      Uskoks escaped from the Venetian cluthes and made it
      back home to safety. I actually have some
      reconstructions of a typical garb from these guys from
      around the 1500. but I will need to scan the page from
      the book and then post it...which will take a while
      since I dont have a scanner :(...and same goes for
      reconstructions of the Uskok boats.

      If you need something just ask and I will try to dig
      it out for you :) since it is so cool to find someone
      intersted in the same things like this.

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