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  • queensno2000
    Apr 22, 2004
      Yes, Please anything will be helpful. It's nice to know that what
      very little I have found is just that, very little. I'm studing the
      Senji area late period. Since in 1550's it was under Venician rule,
      I've been looking from Venice to the Dalmatia Coast. I haven't found
      much about day in the life stuff. Right know I'm piling
      though "Croatia in the Middle Ages" 600 gloriaous pages of history
      from 900-1200 a little to early but in the preface they mention that
      is didn't change to much in the rural area. They stayed with there
      traditions. Now if I can find a book on that, I would be doing good.
      It also states that this is the first book in a series, it was
      printed in 1999 and was translated by a London pulisher. So maybe we
      will have another soon.

      I can't travel to the country right now, so I've been doing a lot of
      inter-library loans on books and museum hunts on line. That has been
      pretty much my only source at the moment. And of course, the group,
      hopefully. Any leads that you would be willing to share will be
      welcome. The local Libraian has been having a grand old time getting
      me these books.

      Thank you
      Altaliana (Talia) de Segna

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