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  • queensno2000
    Apr 21 8:48 AM
      Dear list,
      I am a new member of your list. I am research for an SCA persona from
      the coast of Dalmatia and I have run into a impasse. There is a word
      that I keep stumbling over and can't find out what it is or where it
      came from. The word is "schiavonetto". What I have found out so far?
      It is described in the following "Dressed in a particular sort of
      gown of silk or very thin cloth that is called a schiavonetto, (a
      Dalmatian-style dress fashionable in Venice in the fifteenth and
      sixteenth centuries" What I am research is that Dalmatian style
      dress. So far this and the Cesare Vecellio plates is all I have. Does
      anyone have any ideas where I can look next? I would be most

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