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8593A beginner's question; the name Tymczyszyn

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  • Tracy Kremer
    Mar 9, 2004
      Hi folks!

      my interest in Slavic culture stemmed initially from
      an ancestral name, Tymczyszyn. I was told that the
      grandfather bearing that name came from Poland, from a
      town that no longer exists since WWII leveled it, and
      his relatives wrote letters to him in a polyglot of
      German, Polish, and Russian. Yet the records show him
      as being born in Ukrania, and his first name was
      Nicholas, and his father's was Basil; those names seem
      to be Russian (?). (Perhaps they had the itchy feet I
      seem to have inherited! <G>) The other patronymics I
      could research are Zgonce, Zedik, Szupianyj, Mazuryk,
      and Szurpeta - the first two may be Yugoslavian,
      though they spoke Polish, the rest are unknown.

      I would like to find out where to look for this name
      to find out how far back it existed, and whether it
      was regional, or might have been more common for a
      region, or profession, etc., so I can get some ideas
      for a eastern european SCA persona. I like to use
      ancestry as a starting point. (If not, I of course
      don't have to use an ancestral name, but this gives me
      somewhere to start and is of personal interest as

      So, if anyone could suggest links where I can look for
      this kind of information (I already looked in the SIG
      site's bibliography, and will be looking for Hoffman's
      book), which must unfortunately be in english, or has
      any information on hand, or knows of a specific book I
      could start looking for thru interlibrary loan or for
      sale on the internet, I would be grateful!



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