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8497Re: [sig] Head coverings

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  • Sfandra
    Feb 2, 2004
      > speaking of mundane and SIG interacting, have any of
      > you had problems with
      > headscarves and anti-muslim nutjobs? Elena has had
      > a couple of nasty stares
      > and we got paintballed on the way back from one
      > event when she was asleep w/
      > scarf on against her window... She's stopped
      > wearing it in front of her
      > chin, anyway, when not at the event itself.
      > ta
      > Tvorimir Danilov

      No with head scarves, but I occasionally wear a turban
      (either in ME garb or going more Byzantine than usual
      :D ). I wore a turban to an "Arabian Nights" themed
      costume party, and had some drunken nut assure me that
      he held 'nothing against my people'. And the
      attendant at the parking garage, who WAS
      middle-eastern, asked if I was arabic, and praised my
      outfit. Oddly enough, at SCA events! I occassionally
      get a funny look for the turban, but I think that's
      because we have few authentic ME personas around, and
      more 'bellydancer/AmericanTribaldancer' types. And
      the few byzantine types either go bare-headed w/
      masses of braids (ultra Greek), or wear these funny
      stuffed headrolls.....
      Personally, I won't go bareheaded at an event unless
      I'm cross-dressed in male garb (which I also do
      occasionally), so I'm always swathed in scarf, veil,
      turban, povoynik & ubrus, whatever.... :D
      --Sfandra Dmitrieva

      Sfandra Dmitrieva iz Chernigova
      Barony of Carolingia
      Kingdom of the East
      "Earth: The most dangerous place known to Man. Billions of humans have died there." --TarynEve, "Desert Isle" (ENTff)

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