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844Re: wedding folksongs

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  • Kevin Brock
    Nov 3, 1999
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      > Jenn Ridley wrote:

      > IIRC, many non-european cultures use white for mourning. I don't know
      > why the europeans prefer black for mourning. *something* else to find
      > out (in my copious spare time).

      While I've been lurking on this list for a while to simply have all the
      circulating info get soaked into my head, I thought I might actually have a
      chance to help out with this comment. If I'm not mistaken, Albert died in
      1861 and Queen Victoria mourned for approx. 40 years or so and began the
      fashion of widows wearing black for mourning attire and jewelry. I'm not
      quite sure how it spread to others, but I think that's the answer as far as
      European widows are concerned.
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