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8379Looking for So. Cal SCA, need opinions on new book

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  • Su Ralston
    Nov 30, 2003
      > Subject: Re: [Polska_Reustawa] Re: Welcome group!
      > In a message dated 11/26/2003 8:46:44 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > wngdhussr@... writes:
      > Witam Tom!
      > I was wondering, could you put me directly in touch with the Slavic
      > (Polish/Muscovy)representations of the SCA out here on the West
      > coast, specifically So. CAl.?
      > I'm trying to get in touch with them, and don't know how to target
      > them directly...
      > Thanks, and welcome to the group.
      > Na zdrowia,
      > Rik
      > p.s. Happy Turkey Day all!

      I currently live in Caid (Fullerton, CA), but your best bet might be to
      contact Lady Luidmila at liudmilav@... or Mistress Soraya at
      sarayya@.... They are both on this list, so you could wait for
      them to get back to you, or contact them directly with your questions.

      Now to my question -

      Being a totally unrepentant book-buyer, I was browsing through a used book
      store over the weekend and came across "Medieval Russia's Epic, Chronicles,
      and Tales" edited by serge A Zenkovsky (ISBN 0-525-47363-7).

      My question is this - before I start reading this and thinking what is
      written is accurate, has anyone else read this book, and what did you think?

      Thanks in advance,
      Su of the Silver Horn, Caid
      Su Ralston, Fullerton, CA
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