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8182Re: Trying to track down a Russian Painting

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  • Seonaid13
    Oct 1, 2003
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      > In other words, you may use the paintings to copy details, they
      >are authentic, from Moscow Kremlin Armory & Historic Museum mainly,
      >but NIVVAH use them to date something in relation to something.
      >One of the most notorious pictures by Vacnetsov is, though, not
      >Three Bogatyrs you asked about, but "The battle of the Slavs with
      >the Scythians". Avoid any references to it.

      Not that it's important, but the reason I was looking for it had
      nothing to do with history at all, but rather a discussion of art and
      romanticism on another list I'm on. The folks over there were
      unaware that Russia had any art besides soviet propaganda posters.
      (Much like my local bookstores, who think russian history started in
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