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7867Re[2]: [sig] Folklore (was Re: Digest Number 1219)

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin
    Jul 6, 2003
      Greetings Waclaw!

      Friday, July 04, 2003, 3:15:27 PM, you wrote:

      VvP> Are these authentic Slavic recipes? A researcher could (probably)
      VvP> show a direct development of these recipes from the European
      VvP> originals, but they are not authentic recipes of the late 19th/early
      VvP> 20th century from central Europe.

      Waclaw, and what about me? I'm not an immigrant's son or grandson, I
      do live in Russia and, why are MY folk lore sources are ad initio called
      false? What immigrants changed THEM?

      Alex mailto:Posadnik@...
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