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  • jennifer knox
    Jul 8, 2003
      well, as far as the halushky goes, ive never seen it with egg noodles or any of that. it was always a small dumpling made from potato and flour, with bryndza cheese sauce on it. the halushky is the noodle. cottage cheese isnt used. bryndza is a soft sheeps cheese, that is what is used. halushky can also be served without the cheese if you put something else on it like chicken or another kind of sauce. but bryndzova halusky (or halusky a syr) would have been what i described. what you described is definately a blending of recipes

      Vaclav von Pressburg <vaclav@...> wrote:

      One of the common Slavic dishes in this area is called "halushki i
      syr". A perfectly good Slovak phrase and I have no doubt that it
      originally referred to a perfectly authentic recipe from the original
      countries. But I'm not sure how many, if any, of the ingredients
      are close to the original. The recipe when I was growing up included
      broad egg noodles and cottage cheese, but neither of these are
      quite the same as anything that was available in "Upper Hungary"
      in the 1890's.

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