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7687Re[3]: [sig] a million rus questions

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin aka Posadnik
    Jun 17, 2003
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      Greetings Jadwiga!

      > Olga Sronkova's book on 16th to 18th century fashions, specifically
      > centering on Bohemia, is an interesting work talking about the adoption of
      > Spanish Renaissance costume in Bohemia, etc. in the 16th century.

      16 century is already the age of Fashion, not of Convenience.

      > I'm not sure what you are trying to say with the Florida reference?

      I meant Strauss jeans were not doomed to become fashionable in few ecades. Some decades passed before they became at least known throughout the US. Jeans fashion came much later. The same with any borrowed clothing.

      > > I'm sure he meant that he didn't believe those Russians borrowed the pattern
      > > and not invented it themselves or took from the common indo-european
      > > source of patterns.
      > I've always found it curious that there is a similarity between the
      > 'traditional' polygonal overdress with straps that is considered
      > postperiod for Russia and the Viking apron-dress... but because we do have
      Russian scholars drive the similarity with Mongol sleeveless overcoats and Corean dresses as well. The main difference with the Viking women's apron dress is that it was not sewn. Russian sarafan required no buckles that were essential to scandinavians' status symbolism. So they are farther from each other than, say, East Nurkestan and Byzanthium shirts (which were not in the least relational, though looking similar). All in all, there were simply no Vikings at hand when Sarafans & Shubkas were worn. And strapped model is even more young afair.

      > some pictures from the intervening period, it seems clear that there is no
      > direct connection. So both could have come out of one single impulse at
      > different times.

      yes, so we see that there was no need to create "borrowing from he vikings" when we remember that Russia was a part of the whole-Europe cultural environment.

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