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7650Re: [sig] a million rus questions

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  • Jennifer Parsons
    Jun 12, 2003
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      > > Given that there was a strong Scandinavian influence among the Rus at
      > > time, ... [snip]
      >I would disagree on that.
      >Could you please clarify what you consider "strong" Scandinavian influence
      >among the Russians, and especially in the context of clothing. This appears
      >as if the Russians' own clothing style or methods of making it was somehow
      >inferior to that of Scandinavian immigrants', which I find hard to believe.
      >Sorry to be off topic.

      Not a problem, Alex, but I'm confused as to how you think noting the
      prevalence of Scandinavian-style dress among the Kievan Rus indicates that
      the clothing of the previous inhabitants of the area was inferior.

      I don't know if the clothing of the original Steppes inhabitants (who may
      have not called themselves the Rus) was inferior or not, because I can't
      really find anything on Russian clothing before the 9th century (i.e., the
      Northmen come to town). I can't find any records, at least not in English.
      Researching the Khazars might help, but probably not much when you're
      looking for clothing from the Kievan Rus period (10th century to 13th
      century CE).

      Scandinavians came in and established themselves in Russia in the 9th to
      10th century. That doesn't mean that the people they took over were
      inferior. It just means that Rus culture was the most prevalent culture at
      that time-- at least as far as written and archeological records will have
      us know.


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