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7648RE: [sig] a million rus questions

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  • Jeanne
    Jun 12, 2003
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      *sigh* I'm not the original poster, but there's a very strong trend in
      historiography to believe that around the millenium the ruling class in
      Russia was Scandinavian, which would definitely lead to a very strong
      influence on the culture at that time!

      This is touched upon in the Land of the Tsars, Hitler, er History channel's
      documentary on Russia. They stated that the Tartars were originally
      Viking/Scandinavian merchants and that's where the name comes from. Not my
      spec-al de Masion, but get the DVD if possible.

      Well worth the time, the last 30 min is depressing, Come on Nicholas II,

      Soffya Appollonia Tudja
      Argent, a patriarchal cross between three crescent gules on a chief sable
      three fleur-de-lys Or

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