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7639Re: [sig] a million rus questions

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  • Marilee Humason
    Jun 10, 2003
      --- MHoll@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 6/9/2003 10:33:42 AM Central
      > Daylight Time,
      > jeniferknox@... writes:
      > > >
      > > 2. has anyone found any documentation for period
      > > russian tablet weaving and the patterns they used?
      > None that I've found. Again, conjecture. I don't
      > remember *Russian* tablets
      > being found, which would mean tablet weaving
      > would've been imported. Unless my
      > memory is faulty.
      > Predslava.
      > I have a really great book, I don't know if any of
      you also have it? it is called "Ipek: the Crescent and
      the Rose" it is Ottoman textiles and has a lot of
      pictures of Russian stuff as well. Being that the
      Russians didn't make their own brocades, never the
      less, the pictures show a lot of Russian Garments, all
      within period. one of the pages has a close up of the
      braided or tablet woven closings and shows the cards.
      It is not an artifact (the card weaving part) just a
      diagram, but this very important source seems to think
      that the Turks, Persians and Russians did it.
      I also remember my old Mistress/Laurel a million years
      ago telling me that the russians did tablet/card
      weaving for some of their trim, which is why I took
      the class originally.She had been to Russia at the
      time and was-and is- the most knowledgable costume
      person I know to date.
      I realize this is not hard evidence, you all like to
      see an actual extant piece, so I guess the Ipek book
      is the closest I have found so far.
      Baroness Anastasia
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