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7636Re: [sig] a million rus questions

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  • May, Clan Tremere
    Jun 9 11:26 AM
      I'm enjoying that link you sent us, Anya, so thanks.

      >1.pre mongol kievan rus' rubhakas. shaped armholes or

      Given that there was a strong Scandinavian influence among the Rus at that
      time, you may want to defer what you know about Viking clothing at that
      time, at least for details like that (I've found more resources for Viking
      clothing than Rus clothing). Remember that shaped AND square armholes could
      have both existed at the same time,

      I've always made my rubhakas with square armholes, personally, because it's
      easier, faster, and frankly, if you wear a zapona or navershnik or such, no
      one's going to see your armholes anyway.

      Ryska (or, if my bard friend has her way, "Varja Likes-to-hit-things")

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