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7622Re: [sig] Russka

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  • Alex Grant [T]
    Jun 5, 2003
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      Well, fiction is exactly what it is. I heard that Ruska in Finnish means
      autumn colors.

      However, for a more believable account of Russian history before Rurik, I
      would recommend Rev. S. Lyashevsky's "Prehistoric Rus" a
      historical-archeological research, 1977 (Doistoricheskaya Rus). He looks at
      many historical sources, Byzantine, European, Asian and Slavic, s.a. the
      Book of Veles and little known chronicles of various monastic libraries.


      > > It follows the development of early
      > > Russia from 180 AD to later centuries and is rich with chants,
      > > stories and history. You will enjoy it, and I welcome any who can
      > > correct errors.
      > >
      > How can it follow something for which there exists no documents and no
      > information? The title alone, which is not Russian in any recognizable
      > turns me off.
      > Predslava.
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