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  • deonisei syn Ralo
    Jan 10 7:43 AM
      I've been doing some research in relation to clothes worn by men in Novgorod/anywhere in what is now Russia and am really having a rough go at it. Most of the links that I've found are broken and the cached pages on google lack images, if I'm even that lucky to find something (I've checked and have used the links from the slovo site, and some of those are down as well, Mordak's garbpack for example). I have tried to make use of what I have found. I have made a shirt (a Rubakha) and am happy with its look, I have a supper baggy pair of pants which I bind up my calfs with leg wraps and I wear a pair of leather pull-on shoes that feel comfortable but obviously arn't period (rubber soles). I also wear a belt with a ring buckle. I know this is a pretty messed up getup (its average sca though :-) My shirt is my honest attempt at doing it right and I'm trying to build on that success. I know my pants are probably wrong, but I'm not sure what culture I can draw upon for a pair p
      ants worn by a common man in Novgorod (say 14th/15th century--and is a Rubakha period for this erea and era?). I've been researching belts and found one on the Red Kaganate site, I think it should work. Anyways this is what I have planned for my garb and I'm looking for a critique/suggestions for improving the look.

      14th or 15th century
      Dark blue almost black caftan (too close to widows colors?) I have the cloth and thought I could make use of it.

      White Rubakha with red cloth trim

      white undershirt, some embrodery using the resource link from the slovo site

      Less baggy straight legged pants (using PJ bottoms patern from Jo-Anns) Better suggestoins, Please!?!

      Heavy duck cloth (red) round close fitting fur trimed hat

      dark grey wool leg bindings (was this still done in the 1300s and 1400s?)

      A solid dark red tablet woven belt with a simple period looking buckle (for now until I get the leather to make one like the one I found on the red kaganate site).

      Is there anything that I'm forgetting? What sort of things can I add to accessorize/enhance my look?

      Would this garb better fit a latter period persona?

      And what can be said about the accuracy of the name that I've chosen: Kuian Deonisei syn Ralo?

      Thank you in advance for your help and your input. I hope this isn't too much to ask. I have spent a lot of time on this and I am trying to check for accuracy before I go public with it.

      Thanks again,
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