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6450OT - Update on my health

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  • Jeanne
    Sep 10, 2002
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      Yesterday was my last neurologist visit. He said my MRI showed the
      arachnoid cyst (a fluid sac). Everyone has one so there is nothing to worry
      about. My migraines have faded, so has my sleeping. I do still get tired
      easily and when it's too hot I get all my symptoms 10 fold, but Doc said to
      expect that for a good while yet.

      So, next step is to contact an atty. I have seen the boy over at their
      house twice in the last 3 weeks. So they still have contact with him.
      We've been ostracized badly in the neighborhood. NONE of the children will
      talk or play with my girls. None of the other parents will even return a
      hello wave. Our one friend is Ms Yong across the street, but she doesn't
      speak english. ;o}

      I've lost one job over this. It was a private hire for my secty svs. BUT
      I couldn't read the phone list and had to inform them after a couple of
      days. Let's see what atty has to say.

      Thank you for your help, suggestions and support.


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