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  • Parsla Liepa
    Sep 3, 2002
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      > > > I'm unable to display your site using Netscape (version 4.79). The only
      > > > thing that displays is the background. It works OK when I use Microsoft
      > > > Internet Explorer. This is a not-uncommon problem for sites / pages built
      > > > using Microsoft technology...
      > >
      > > I realize that this is going to come across sounding rude, which is not
      > > my intent. Please accept my apologies in advance.
      > >
      > > Upgrade your browser, for cripes sake.
      > Parsa, the problem is actually 100% in the code at your end: you open a
      > table tag that you don't close. In fact, you don't even close the BODY
      > tag.
      > Before blaming the browser for not effectively running the code, ALWAYS
      > check your code. Whenever someone says, "nothing but the background
      > displays" check for unclosed table tags-- that's the most common source of
      > the problem.

      Actually, it's not my page that's under discussion here. I have no web
      page. The page under discussion was (I think?) www.aeoline.biz. It could
      be that the tags on the page in question were not closed, but I do still
      think that old borwsers are at fault, as well.

      My roommte is a webmaster for a fairly good-sized robotics firm, and most
      of the rant that I posted was taken from something that he's been
      complaining about a lot this past while; he's been getting lots of
      complaints from people using Netscape 4, and hardly feels it necessary to
      make his pages compliant for people using out-dated software, especially
      when they amount to less than 4% of traffic.


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