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6031Re[2]: [sig] Druzhina

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin aka Posadnik
    Jun 4, 2002
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      Greetings Alexander!

      First I thought "Boyar(in)" is related "Boy" (battle, fight) and "yary" (keen,
      ferocious, active). But later I came across that in Romania & Bulgaria that
      word contained an L, "Bolyar(in)". So, now I don't know anything for sure... :-(

      Maybe it really comes from not "Boy" but "Bol'(e)" - "big, great" (and
      comparative form), meaning "the higher, the greater one". Similarly, if
      Afroamericans had a military body, they could invent a relative title, "A
      Bigger Brother". :-)

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