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6025Re: [sig] Druzhina with some corrections, sorry

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin aka Posadnik
    Jun 3, 2002
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      In my previous posting,

      "It was like the US National Guard..." meant Rat', not Druzhina. Druzhina was
      always battle-ready, though involved in several duties almost daily. Though, we
      can't see the question well, if we treat Novgorod/Pskov Druzhina as the best
      example. There Princes were hired by the city officials, and the size of the
      Druzhina was also established as not allowing the Prince to change the rules of
      the game. Kievan or Chernigov Druzhinas could be greater, also because NOT all
      the Druzhina was supposed to be garrisoned in the main citadel. Some of it was
      always busy at faraway outposts.

      Though, with the South there's another pain-in-the-neck. As 13-14 century
      Novgorod had its Ushkuiniks, that raided the lands byond the eastern frontier
      of the Russian states, in Kievan region the same was performed by the 11-13
      (approx.) Brodniks. Those were half peaceful Steppe dwellers of the Russian
      origin, dwelling between Don and Dnieper, half fortune seekers. There is some
      evidence that Brodniks (no connection with the Russian "Brod" ("ford"), BTW)
      were the buffer force between the nomads and the Rus, serving this or that
      side, and even regular Druzhinas from time to time set out "to feed themselves"
      into the Steppes, becoming Brodniks for a while, then returning to their
      Prince. The Brodniks existed at least until 14 century, when the term (most
      likely it meant "open space dweller, never fixed to a piece of land") was
      replaced by the term "cossack" (Ilya Muromets, who served his country at a
      Steppe outpost, was commonly called "old cossack" in the Bylinas. The
      Historic/Philologic fact the Muromets Bylina cycle was codified and put
      together no earlier than 14 century). So, the Druzhina could be split apart and
      one part became Brodniks, to raid the Steppes for glory/ransom. Some Brodniks
      could join the Druzhina. So I'd count all the Druzhinniks in the capital city
      and multiply the number by at least 0.75.

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