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5540RE: [sig] Re: Alt titles

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  • Diane Sawyer
    Jan 31, 2002
      --- Kate Rayburn <anezka@...> wrote:
      > Alastair said...
      > >Now, on a note that will I am sure make me REALLY
      > unpopular with the
      > SCA folks on the
      > >list... "da'ma" means "a/the lady", but I am not at
      > all sure that it
      > was ever used as a
      > >*title* (it certainly isn't now, and wasn't in the
      > 16th century). It's
      > used more
      > >in the sense of "she's a real lady" rather than in
      > the sense of "she's
      > Lady So-and-so".
      > >So while it may be ok with the SCA, you are
      > probably sacrificing
      > authenticity there I'm
      > >afraid...
      > The SCA's list of Alternate Titles (where this came
      > from) says that
      > there are areas which need more research, but it
      > looks like so far no
      > one has been willing to do it. I suspect they just
      > took a translation
      > dictionary and used the first word for several of
      > the languages. Do you
      > happen to have any research which could help make
      > these more
      > historically accurate? If so, I'm sure there are
      > several of us who
      > would be interested in making our titles more
      > reflective of period
      > practice.
      > In Service,
      > Anezka

      I suspect you're wrong. In many cases, there simply
      isn't an appropriate honorific in the desired language
      to fill in the blanks in the manner that we use the
      word, so the folks who created the list did the best
      they could -- the words were not an arbitrary decision
      just to fill out a chart. What you have run up
      against is the conflict between a real language and
      culture and our invented SCA culture. And as for "Not
      willing to do it [the research]", how do you know they
      haven't, and come up empty? If you can come up with
      better information, Alastair, I'm sure that it would
      be appreciated.

      herald and veteran of several such discussions on
      other lists.

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