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4743Re: [sig] Linen weight

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  • Jenn/Yana
    May 1, 2001
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      >As for linen colors - I agree with Yana's list in the main, but the Scythian
      >warrior garments from the "Scythian Gold" exhibit consist of armor over a
      >linen shirt and pants of a faded warm berry pink color, probably originally
      >dyed red. And since red seems to always be the right color for "Russians",
      >I'm sure they would have spent a lot of effort trying to dye linen red.

      I do remember reading (in the context of Celtic clothing) that murex purple
      is one of the more successful natural dyes on linen. I think that you
      could get a purple-red from it. One thing to think about is if the
      Scythian outfit could have been stained from being buried in something (did
      the exhibit say anything about the dye?). Another thing to consider would
      be if the method(s) for dyeing linen in shades of red could have been
      "lost" and "refound" at various times during Russia's history, perhaps
      making red linen not "period" for some times. I'm really just playing
      "devil's advocate" here, I'd love to hear more details on medieval Russian
      textiles, myself.

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