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4740Re: [sig] Linen weight

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  • Jenn/Yana
    Apr 30, 2001
      >Colors could be pretty much any out there now except the neons. I have heard
      >of people getting lime green and Barbie pink from natural dyes, so not
      >everything would have been earth colors. I also heard that one of the
      >unicorn tapestries (don't remember which one), that all the colors in it
      >came from three dyes, madder (red), woad (blue) and something yellow. This
      >was found out by chemical analyisis. Granted its English or French but still
      >some dyes were common across several countries. I would give you a color
      >chart that I saw on the web a while back but I can't find it yet.
      >Kathws Rusa

      I'm not sure about linen coming in all the above colors in SCA-period
      Russia, or for that matter, SCA-Europe. Linen is notoriously difficult to
      dye (even today some colors will rub off, because most dyes only cling to
      the surface of the fibers, this being one of the reasons linen resists
      staining so well). The only colors that I can remember linen being
      available in in Russia were raw (greyish), bleached (white), offwhite,
      yellow (I think), and grey-blue. Yes, all the above colors the quoted
      person mentioned were available, but I think that they only apply to wool,
      cotton, and silk. <time passes> I just checked the materials of the
      Unicorn tapestry: Wool warp, wool, silk, silver, and gilt wefts. No linen.
      I'm not trying to disprove the person above, I'm just trying to point out
      that _linen_ may not have been available in every color of the rainbow.

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