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4592Re: [sig] Garb questions

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  • Diane S. Sawyer
    Apr 1, 2001
      --- "Robert L. Parker" <parkrobe@...> wrote:
      > Ok for all of you garb fanatics out there, I have a couple
      > questions.
      > This will be my first foray into sewing my own garb. I have had
      > some
      > decent stuff made in the past by friends but feel that if I want it
      > done
      > right, I have to do it myself. Any help would be appreciated.
      > 1) when inserting gussets , do you make two for each side (for a
      > coat,
      > for example)?
      > 2) How would you add a back slit for riding that doesn't hang
      > funny. I
      > am planning on trying a rectangular pattern and the pics I've seen
      > don't
      > mention this.
      > Thanks,
      > Sergei

      Well, what are you making? I can't imaging that a riding slit (you'd
      likely want one in front, as well) would make it hang funny. I can
      tell you how to do a facing, if that's how you intend to finish it.
      I've made a couple of tunics and dels for riding (and am about to get
      started on some Chinese fabric armor for riding, too), and I've never
      had any problems like that.

      I LOVE rectangular construction. You can lay out the pattern with a
      yardstick and a water-based marker, and it goes together SO quickly.

      As for gussets, you can do them in two pieces, as it makes assembly
      much easier. You sew a triangle to the either side of the sleeve at
      the shoulder with the hypoteneuse towards the cuff, sew the sleeve to
      the shoulder, then sew the underarm seam. I understand that one
      piece is more period, but I haven't tried it yet. I work stuff out
      in my head for weeks before I try it, so I figure I'd just sew on
      side of the square to one side of the sleeve at the shoulder, sew the
      sleeve to the shoulder, and then sew the underarm seam as usual. I
      figure it might get a little more complex to sew the seam, but I'm
      not erribly worried about it. That's what seam rippers are for.
      :-) I need to make at least one new rubahka between now and Pennsic,
      anyway, and I'll try it then.


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