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3979Re: [sig] Maille dimensions, etc..

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  • Dmitriy V. Ryaboy
    Oct 3, 2000
      > The first question I want to ask is if anyone has knowledge of the
      >diameter and thickness of chains in Russian chain mail? I understand
      >that there are many different kinds, but I know little to nothing. And if
      >I had a few examples from pieces which have survived then that would be

      You know, I almost typed in a whole table of locations, dates, ring
      thiknnesses and internal diameters.. but then I figured that would be an
      9th and 10th century maille shirts are made of alternating welded and
      riveted rings, id 7 to 9 and 13 to 14 mm, thikness 1.5-2 mm (each garment
      consists of only one kind of rings, however, there is variation among the
      different garments). In general, the rings are smashed flat.
      The neck hole is done with a split in the center or a bit off to the left.
      On average, the length of a shirt was 60-70 cm, width around the waist 50
      cm, sleeve length 25 cm. There were some shirts that were riveted only,
      but, as in Western Europe, they only come to dominate the scene in 14th
      century and later. These shirts weighed around 12 pounds (although I would
      say, and this is not supported by my sources, that you can safely kick the
      weight up to 15 lb -- the weight that is reported is based on the de-rusted
      maille, which would lose some weight in the process).
      Around 1200 a new type of flat ring is introduced, id 13-16 mm, width 2-4
      mm, thikness .6-.8 mm. Around this time also sleeves and skirts start
      getting longer, more like their Western counterparts.
      If you aer planning on getting butted maille none of the above needs to
      bother you too much except for the sleeve/skirt dimensions -- when you go
      from riveted and welded to butted, getting the thikness right is similar to
      making a close reproduction of maximillian armor in plastic :). You are
      doing admirable work, but it's wasted on the material..

      I don't recall anything about a Russian two-handed sword, and couldn't find
      a mension in my library.

      P.S.- I almost forgot does anyone know the Russian word for swift, or
      >quick? or something that has to do with speed. I'm trying to work on
      >my Persona name.

      For Russian persona names, get Paul's book. The word for "quick" is

      Dmitriy Shelomianin

      P.S. speaking of maille -- I got my kit together, kinda. See
      http://www.armourarchive.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/002182.html .
      One change that has already taken place since the pics were taken is that I
      now wear a red belt with the outfit...
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