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  • Alastair Millar
    Oct 1, 2000
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      As it happens, the question of horseback travel times has recently been
      aired over on Britarch, the big mailing list for British
      archaeology/archaeologists. Here are some extracts - note that none of these
      opinions are mine!!!

      _On roads_:

      ""According to Col. Gunter et al with regard to his account of the 'flight
      of Charles II' from Hampshire into Sussex... He was able to travel with the
      King and escort (not military!) at a gentle trot, and including a stop for
      lunch, off the parlimantarian guarded roads, a distance of about 70 mile in
      one instance.""

      "" I have heard old men talk about driving a pony from Norwich to Ipswich
      and back in a day (about 100 miles), admittedly on 20thC roads, and then to
      Cambridge the next day. I have driven my horse 40 miles in a day with no


      ""The Golden Horseshoe ride over Exmoor is the most gruelling endurance ride
      in the world and takes two forms,100 miles over 2 days,or 75 miles, 50 on
      day 1 and 25 on day 2. Most riders are disqualified during the course by vet
      checks. A fit pony could do 30 miles a day for 3 days top whack I'd say. ""

      ""Some years ago I took part in a sponsored "long distance" ride. It was 20
      miles, along forest tracks, and on a fit horse it took me 2 hours.""

      "" it looks like about 30 miles a day is the thing. ""


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