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  • Judwiga Czarna Pika
    Oct 1, 2000
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      Hello all!!
      A horses trot is about 6-8 MPH. A walk, about 4.A gallop, about 12-15.
      However, there was a pony express rider who did some 120 miles or more on
      one horse, as there were no remounts. I remember seeing in a show about
      Mongols that the Khans messengers Could and Did about 100 miles a day. The
      horses were in GOOD shape. There are regularly Endurance riders who do 100
      miles in a race. Nowadays, though, there are vet stations, and the horse
      has to be cooled down, pulse rate dropped to a certain level, checked for
      dehydration, etc before each team goes on. I doubt the period practice did
      anything like that.Like the pony express, I am sure they rode till the
      horse dropped or a remount was gotten.
      Sorry to be so long winded...LOL Take care all!!

      > Someone who knows about horses will have to tell us how many miles a horse
      > usually goes per hour. (a rough estimate.)
      > As a former backpacker traveling with a pack over rough ground, we used
      to go
      > from 10 to 14 miles a day. (14 if you're in better shape.) We had to
      > our daily hike to get from one spring to the next on the Appalachian
      > Leya

      Judwiga Czarna Pika
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