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3736Re: [sig] In Moscow -- lapti

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  • Jenn/Yana
    Sep 5, 2000
      >So tempting to say you are wrong now...but you are not, of course. They all
      >say that only peasants wore lapti, that they were rarely, if ever, worn by
      >even poor city dwellers, and that they only lasted a few days, a week at the
      >most, if worn daily. So I wouldn't recommend wearing them to a war, either.

      I would love to have a pair to do some wear experiments of my own. I still
      have half of a pair of lapti (in other words, one shoe) that Mordak
      generously loaned to me long ago (typical American system of borrowing
      another's tools and then forgetting to return them). I am trying to figure
      out how they are made, at least this particular style. I have been
      studying books on basketry in the hopes that some basket-making experience
      will help me when I attempt to make a pair of shoes. I am going to study
      the weave and try to recreate it using strips of paper first (in order to
      generate a pattern) and then bark/bast strips. Any suggestions from fellow
      List people?

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