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3102Re: [sig] linen is your friend

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  • Jenn Ridley
    Jun 11, 2000
      Enna wrote:

      >Linen as the next-to-skin layer gives a cooler feel, even with wool
      >overtop.My est source of linen (since it's $10-20/yd when found - is thrift
      >shop tablecloths!

      try www.fabrics-store.com. Tasha mentioned them a while ago, and I've
      ordered from them a few times since. 100% linen, mostly under $6-$7
      per yard (and 60" wide, to boot). Ooops! sale fabrics are even less.

      Orders ship really fast (I get them, cross-country, in about 4 days).
      Lots of *solid* colors, quite a few weights. (and I've found that
      they tend to cut on the generous side....I ordered four 5yd pieces,
      and not one of them was less than 5.25 yds)

      YMMV, NAYY, etc....

      Jenn Ridley
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