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  • Alastair Millar
    Apr 1, 2000
      There is an absolute MOUNTAIN of information about the
      "History of the Proto-Bulgarians north and west of the Black Sea
      The Proto-Bulgarians in the East-European steppes prior to VII c. AD"

      This is a translation of:
      D.Dimitrov. Prabylgarite po severnoto i zapadnoto Chernomorie, Varna, 1987.

      Loads of good stuff - references to Byzantine sources, maps, archaeological
      evidence, you name it. All referenced, too.

      (Thanks to Jeff for this - I found it through a link from the index that
      also contains the Pecheneg info he posted. :
      http://faculty.washington.edu/dwaugh/rus/rusvaria has a collection of links
      to a range of interesting things.)



      A far-away country of which we know little:
      "Bohemia: a desert country near the sea"
      [Shakespeare: Winter's Tale, III.iii, stage direction]