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16192Re[4]: [sig] Russian mead per The Domostroi

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin aka Posadnik
    Apr 18, 2014
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      I got it.
      Then you have to search if the pot had a lid, and if the lid was sealed.

      The traditional Russian|Buelorussian moonshine appliance (before the today's cooling coil was introduced) was and has been two iron potsput one over the other (the top one upside down) with the junction line sealed with dough: the stuff boiled in teh bottom one, then vapourized alcohol went up and cooled on the inside surface of the top pot, which had a bulge in the middle of the bottom, so the liquid simply trickled from it, like cave water from a dripstone - into the cup that was placed in the middle.

      Same technology was introduced in post-period ways of sauteeing meat (sealing the pot lid with dough).

      18 Apr 2014 07:05:32 -0700 от mlsuggs@...:

      What Liudmila said.  Standard English brewing parlance--the big vessel that you boil large amounts of liquid in is a "kettle"; glosses with "brew-kettle" or "boil-kettle".

      The actual Russian word used is kotel (not certain of the transliteration standards here on SIG, or of permissible character sets...  Phonetically, it's Konstantin, Ol'ga, Tatyana, Elka, Leonid.  The Old Russian text uses the same word, adds a hard sign to the end).

      Sorry for any confusion!


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